Pediatric Foot Pain Problems and Treatment, Pediatric Foot and Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Ankle or Foot Pain in Children is Not Normal

Pediatric Foot Pain Video

Watch this Pediatric Foot Pain video about children with foot pain. Children’s Foot Doctor Dr. Jarman, DPM, a Phoenix Pediatric Podiatrist specializes in Children’s Feet – treatment, causes, and symptoms of Foot and Ankle problems. Contact Dr. Mikkel Jarman of Pediatric Foot & Ankle located in the Phoenix area. The video features a character named Tyler as he takes a tumble off a Half-Pipe skateboard ramp and what his mom discovers in seeking the right treatment for the pain in his foot. Moms and Dads in the Phoenix area with children can count on Dr. Jarman to provide the very best gentle care when one of their child’s participation in activities or sports results in foot pain or ankle pain. A foot doctor for children specializing in Pediatric Podiatry can explain why foot and ankle problems in children are not normal.

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