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Best Insoles for Kids with Sever's Disease (Heel Pain) or Gait Abnormalities

Children's Orthotics

When it comes to children’s orthotics, your choices are custom-made orthotic insoles and prefab or non-prescription over-the-counter type insoles.

Often, the best orthotic insoles for kids who have Sever’s disease or gait (i.e. walking) abnormalities are specially made by your pediatric podiatrist. In these cases, the doctor makes a mold using a plaster or foam cast of your child’s foot. Then, he or she creates the orthosis (the clinical term for orthotic) using this mold.

Examination to Determine Best Options

When addressing common musculoskeletal conditions in children, the goal is early intervention and conservative treatment. Dr. Jarman begins by conducting a complete biomechanical examination and gait analysis. This reveals the cause of your child’s foot pain or walking abnormality. From there, the doctor can work with you to determine the best option for treating your child.

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We Offer Multiple Options for Children's Orthotics and Insoles

Prescribed Custom Orthotics for Kids

The Mikki Device™ custom shoe insert orthotic for Sever's disease being placed on child's foot by Dr. Mikkel Jarman

A custom-made orthosis is made using a mold of your child’s feet or foot. Some prescribed orthotic insoles are covered by insurance. Check with your insurance provider to be sure. If your insurance does not cover the prescribed orthotics, the out-of-pocket cost to you is around $500.

Prefab and Over-the-Counter Insoles

LittleSteps Foot Orthotics for Children
Pediatric Orthotic Insole Arch

Dr. Jarman may recommend an over-the-counter insole first, to determine whether your child’s foot issue can be resolved at a lower cost. Pediatric Foot & Ankle offers a variety of prefab orthotics, many of which are available the same day as your visit. This type of insole will always save you money. However, prefab orthotics never fit or feel as well as custom-made insoles do, and generally aren’t as effective as a custom-made orthotic.

Orthotic Insoles to Treat Sever's Disease

If your child has Sever’s disease, you should consider two things in an orthotic insole.

  1. First, it needs a deep heel cup. This prevents sheering forces on the growth plate, decreasing the pain your child feels.
  2. Second, adequate padding helps reduce stress on the heel.

Sever’s disease is a medical condition that is fairly common in children aged 8 to 15. The condition occurs when the heel’s growth plate becomes inflamed, which stresses the heel and causes pain. Sever’s disease is most common in children who play sports that repeatedly stress and strain the heel, such as basketball, soccer, and track.

There are a variety of treatment options for Sever’s disease, ranging from choosing shoes wisely to using custom insoles. For more details, please see our recent blog post, The ABCs of Sever’s Disease.

Sever's Disease Custom Orthotic Designed by a Podiatrist

Mikki Device custom shoe insert for children with Sever's disease

The Mikki Device™

The Mikki Device™ is a custom orthotic shoe insert designed by a pediatric podiatrist to specifically treat Sever’s disease in children. Even when other Sever’s treatment options have failed, the Mikki Device™  has proven effective in over 95% of the children who use it. 

Grant's Experience with Custom Orthotics

In this video, Grant and his mom share their experience with Sever’s disease and how the Mikki Device™ custom shoe insert allowed him to continue to play sports — and even go on their ski trip vacation.

Adelyn's Experience with Custom Orthotics

Adelyn was seen by Pediatric Foot & Ankle on two different occasions. Once for custom orthotics for Sever’s disease, and another time to treat an accidental injury to her toe. Watch to lean more about Adelyn’s experience with both.

Prefab Orthotic Insoles for Children with Sever's Disease

LittleSTEPS is one of the highest rated, non-custom orthotics available and was designed specifically to reduce the pain caused by Sever’s disease. These orthotics also dramatically decrease knee, ankle, and shin pain. In addition, they help improve your child’s posture, add strength, and support muscles and flat feet.

Key features include:

  • 30 mm deep heel cup
  • Deep lateral and medial flanges
  • Medial skive
  • Affordability

Designed to improve:

  • Pain
  • Coordination
  • Alignment of the feet
  • Strength, posture, and balance
Childrens Orthotic Insoles

Custom Orthotic Insoles for Children with Sever's Disease

A custom orthotic, also known as a prescription orthotic, is a custom shoe insert cast specifically from the child’s foot. The two main casting methods are plaster and foam, with the preferred method being plaster, but foam is sometimes used if the child has a difficult time of remaining still for the casting.

Key features include:

  • Custom made from the child’s foot
  • Better fitting than prefab
  • No need for special shoes
  • Higher success rates

Designed to:

  • Alleviate pain completely
  • provide quicker healing times
  • Treat chronic Sever’s disease
  • Eliminate the need to second guess whether one option works better than the other
The Mikki Device™ custom shoe insert orthotic for Sever's disease being placed on child's foot by Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Pre-Fab Orthotic Insoles for Kids with Walking (Gait) Abnormalities

We carry LittleSTEPS® Gait Plate orthotics in our office for children with Gait Abnormalities.

LittleSteps Kids Gait Plate

Over-the-Counter Orthotic Arch Supports: PowerKids PowerStep

The PowerKids brand tops the list when it comes to over-the-counter orthotics for children with Sever’s disease. They feature a deep heel cup as well as a top cover made of Poron, a urethane foam. This creates extra cushioning, which helps reduce stress and strain around the heel, prevent calluses, absorb shock, and decrease friction. Finally, these insoles are also breathable, with antibacterial properties, keeping your kid’s feet cool and dry. All of this at a fraction of the cost of custom-made orthotics.

PowerKids Orthotics for Kids

It’s important to remember that using an over-the-counter orthotic without first consulting with a pediatric podiatrist may actually cause your child more pain. In other words, you want a proper diagnosis to ensure you use the right type of orthotic. To get a proper diagnosis for your child, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jarman today.

Pediatric Orthotic Insole Arch

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