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Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery​

ABFAS Board Certified

Dr. Mikkel Jarman, founder of Pediatric Foot and Ankle, is board certified in foot surgery and reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS).

ABFAS Qualification Process

ABFAS has strict standards for board certification in reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery. Candidates must:

  • Complete 3 years of post-doctoral training under supervision of an ABFAS certified surgeon
  • Pass thorough written and oral exams testing surgical competence
  • Fulfill case submissions and other requirements
  • Pass annual recertification standards

By meeting these high standards, Dr. Jarman has shown his commitment to staying at the forefront of new techniques and advancements. He pursues ongoing education and training to provide his pediatric patients with the best possible treatment outcomes.

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Less Than 10% of AZ Podiatrists Hold This Distinction

This prestigious certification is held by less than 10% of podiatrists in Arizona and demonstrates the highest level of proficiency that can be attained in podiatric medicine. 

Patients can trust that Dr. Jarman has advanced training, skills and knowledge to provide exceptional pediatric foot care.

Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Trusted by Colleagues Nationwide

In addition to seeing patients at Pediatric Foot and Ankle in Arizona, Dr. Jarman is regularly called upon as a trusted consultant for complex pediatric foot cases across the country. His ABFAS board certification gives fellow physicians confidence that their patients will receive the highest caliber of care.

Dr. Jarman is also a published researcher with articles in medical journals like Podiatry Today. He shares his expertise through platforms like his YouTube channel and podcast.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

With his advanced training, years of experience, and calm patient manner, Dr. Jarman has achieved excellent results for hundreds of pediatric patients. Custom orthotics, surgery, and other treatments have reduced or eliminated pain and restored mobility. Just view the success stories from grateful patients.

More about ABFAS

The Leading Organization in Podiatric Medicine

The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery is the specialty board for podiatry within the American Podiatric Medical Association. For over 75 years, ABFAS has been the premier organization upholding standards of excellence within the field of podiatric medicine and surgery.

Mission and Values

ABFAS strives to improve public welfare by advancing the art and science of podiatric surgery. Its certification programs evaluate each surgeon’s competency, proficiency, and ethical conduct. ABFAS also facilitates ongoing education so its certified surgeons remain current on new research and techniques.

By awarding board certification to only the most qualified podiatrists, ABFAS maintains the integrity of the credential. This gives patients confidence that certified surgeons have the training and skills needed to perform foot and ankle procedures safely and effectively.

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Recertification and Maintenance

To remain certified by ABFAS, podiatrists must:

  • Maintain an active medical license with hospital privileges
  • Fully document surgical training, education, and cases
  • Pass annual evaluations and secure supporting credentials
  • Prove they have maintained their operative skills

Recertification ensures that ABFAS diplomates are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement throughout their careers. Dr. Jarman gladly participates in these requirements to uphold the standards of ABFAS.

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