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Mikkel Jarman, DPM Phoenix Pediatric Podiatrist

Meet Dr. Jarman with Pediatric Foot & Ankle

Meet Dr. Mikkel Jarman, a pediatric podiatrist specializing in treating the unique needs of children’s feet. After receiving his Doctorate degree at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Jarman completed his three-year podiatric surgical residency at the South Miami Hospital in Florida. His residency included extensive training in advanced foot and ankle surgery, with a focus on pediatric care.

Why We Do What We Do...

Camden, a 6th grader in Gilbert, Arizona, was treated for Sever’s Disease by Dr. Mikkel Jarman at Pediatric Foot & Ankle. Before being treated, Camden described the pain as intense, and what he imagined it would feel like to “be stabbed in the bone with a knife”. Based on his examination and Xray results, Dr. Jarman recommended a custom orthotic. After five weeks, Camden was able to participate in sports again and, to this day, has no pain or mobility issues.

We always recommend parents consult with a pediatric podiatry specialist to treat their child’s foot ailment. When left unchecked, pain and other issues can lead to your child developing hip and back problems and possibly obesity.

Dr. Mikkel Jarman specializes in diagnosing and treating problems affecting children and infants’ feet with experience, care, and patience.