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Pediatric Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Medicine Pediatric Podiatry

Caring for Children's Unique Needs after a Sports Injury

Children’s still-growing bodies, coupled with lack of skill and coordination when they’re younger, increases their risk of sports injury. A pediatric podiatrist has the highly specialized training and knowledge to treat your child’s feet and ankles.

Dr. Jarman helps get your little athlete back in the game safely. In addition to treating sports-related injuries like fractures and ankle sprains, Dr. Jarman works with you to help prevent future injury.

Why Choose a Pediatric Podiatrist?

When children are young, even minor injuries may have long-lasting repercussions. A pediatric podiatrist helps ensure proper treatment so your child is back to their normal routine as quickly – and safely – as possible. Dr. Jarman does more than treat your child’s sports injury. He educates both patient and parent to minimize their risk of future injury.

Common Sports-Related Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries may occur during just about any type of sport. They include:
    • Blisters: Excessive friction between the skin of the child’s foot and their shoes may cause blisters. If this is a recurring problem, it may indicate an issue with the child’s footwear or even abnormal foot function.
    • Bone injuries: Includes contusions and foot fractures, which may occur due to either acute trauma or repeated stress on the foot.
    • Contusions: A soft tissue injury that results from blunt trauma. You may notice bruising and swelling.
    • Muscle injuries: Either direct trauma or overuse may lead to muscle injuries. In these cases, Dr. Jarman often prescribes RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
  • Sprains: Although ankle sprains are the most well-known, children can sprain just about any joint. Other sports sprains include the big toe joint (known as turf toe) and a midfoot injury known as Lisfranc.
  • Tendon injuries: Probably the most common sports-related injuries are those to the tendon. The Achilles tendon, found in the back of the leg, connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Achilles tendinitis is a common overuse injury.
  • Toenail injuries: Bruising is common, particularly in sports like soccer and football, where the child’s foot repeatedly rams into the top of the shoe.

Will the Right Shoes Help Prevent Sports Injuries?

Common Athlete Injuries – Based on their Sports Activity

One of the easiest ways to help prevent sports-related injuries is by protecting your child’s feet with well-fitting shoes designed for the activity. They should offer ample support and have a wide toe box.

We also recommend going to a store that specializes in athletic shoes. And then, take advantage of the staff’s knowledge. Few people know more the best shoes for your child’s particular activity.

Before buying, have your child try on both shoes and walk around for a few minutes. This ensures a proper fit and that the shoe is comfortable.

Please note that good shoes should feel comfortable immediately. Ignore that voice from your childhood insisting they’ll “grow into them” or “break them in.” There should be no more than a half-inch between the longest toe and the edge of the toe box.

Finally, children’s still-maturing bones mean that their feet tend to be flatter. So, look for shoes that offer maximum support and excellent stability. This helps protect against overpronation.

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