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Meet Nicholas - A Severs Disease Success Story

Nicholas’s mom suspected something was wrong with Nicholas’s feet when he started experiencing heel pain playing soccer.  After Dr. Jarman’s thorough examination, it was discovered that Nicholas had Sever’s Disease.
Here is their story.

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Meet Carter - Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Carter first saw Dr. Jarman two years ago, seeking treatment for an ingrown toenail which was treated successfully. Since then Carter has had two more ingrown toenails which were also successfully treated. Carter has had no other ingrown toenails or foot or toe issues.

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Meet Jack - Foot Fracture Treatment

Jack was an active boy like most kids his age until he broke his foot. Dr. Jarman’s examination confirmed that Jack had indeed fractured his foot. After Dr. Jarman explained his treatment plan thoroughly, he began immediately.
Today, Jack is back on the baseball field.

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Meet Maylee - A Broken Foot But Not Spirit

At a dance practice Maylee came down on her foot and heard a pop. A dancer’s worst nightmare. The orthopedic surgeon they saw recommended Dr. Mikkel Jarman. Maylee’s parents wasted no time, called Pediatric Foot & Ankle, and set up an appointment with him. This is their story.

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Meet Cameron - Toe Walking is not Normal

Cameron’s parents knew his toe walking wasn’t normal. After trying all of the therapies and exercises recommended by the other doctors, they knew it was time to try something different. Watch this video to learn more about Cameron and toe walking.

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Meet Ryan - No More Sever's Disease Success

Ryan began feeling pain in his left heel and as time went by the heel pain became more frequent and painful. Ryan’s parents knew it was time to see a doctor. They scheduled an appointment with Pediatric Foot & Ankle and this is their story.

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Who is Pediatric Foot & Ankle?

Pediatric Foot & Ankle is a children’s podiatry clinic located in Gilbert, Arizona specializing in the treatment and care for children’s feet. The team treats a wide array of children’s foot ailments, including conditions they’re prone to due to rapid growth, such as Sever’s disease and pediatric heel pain. Pediatric Foot & Ankle provides gentle care and treatment for common ailments as well as congenital deformities. Dr. Mikkel Jarman, DPM is board-qualified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and American College of Foot & Ankle Pediatrics.

Meet Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Why Choose a Pediatric Podiatrist

Dr. Mikkel Jarman discusses how to choose a pediatric podiatrist and why choosing the right one is important.
Foot or ankle problems in kids can sometimes be challenging to diagnose which is why it is so important to have a pediatric podiatrist with experience specific to treating children’s feet.

View list of children’s foot & ankle conditions that Pediatric Foot & Ankle treats:

Introducing Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Dr. Jarman completed his three-year podiatric surgical residency at the South Miami Hospital in Florida. His residency included extensive training in advanced foot and ankle surgery, with a focus on pediatric care. Additional concentrations of Dr. Jarman’s residency included wound care, diabetic limb salvage, managing emergency trauma, and complicated foot infections.

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Custom Orthotics & Shoe Inserts

Casting Orthotics - An Overview of the 3 Different Casting Techniques

Dr. Mikkel Jarman discusses the three different techniques of orthotic casting and how to obtain an impression of the foot. One is to use a scanner or a pressure plate, second is to use a foam box where the patient places their foot in the foam, and the third is the utilization of plaster to cast the foot which will obtain a mold of the foot.

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Prefab vs Custom Orthotics for Your Child - Which Should You Choose?

Dr. Mikkel Jarman explains the benefits of custom orthotics and how they differ from prefab orthotics.
Custom orthotics are made specifically for your child’s foot. Dr. Jarman creates a plaster cast of their feet. This is used to create the mold from which the orthotic is made. Watch to learn more about children’s custom orthotics.

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Sever's Disease Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

If a child is suffering from pediatric heel pain that affects both the bottom and back of the heel, then they may have a condition called (Sever’s Disease). Watch this video to learn more about Sever’s Disease and the signs.

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Custom Orthotics For Children's Flat Feet

Flat feet in children is extremely common, due to the flexibility in small children’s bones and joints. Children typically outgrow the condition by age 6. And treatment is rarely required even if they do not outgrow it.

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What Are Plantar Warts - How are they Treated?

Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The condition is very common in children, teens, and anyone with a weakened immune system. Watch to learn more about the signs and treatment options.

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Pediatric Ingrown Toenail Treatment

An ingrown nail (Onychocryptosis) is a painful condition that results from your child’s toenail digging into the side of his or her toe. Any of your child’s toes may be affected but it is mainly the big toe. Watch this video to learn more.

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Don't Ignore Children's Foot Pain!

Parents often ignore pediatric foot pain, considering it a normal part of childhood, i.e. growing pains. Actually, just as with adults, foot pain in children is often a symptom of an underlying condition. 
Don’t ignore children’s foot pain!

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Your child’s feet are designed for life

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