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Children’s Heel Pain Treatment

Mommy my heel hurts!

Pediatric heel pain child with heel pain, Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

If your child, whether a boy or girl is troubled with heel pain, which impacts both the back and the bottom part area of the foot and heel, chances are they could have an ailment identified as Sever’s Disease (pediatric heel pain). Don’t be overly alarmed with the word disease– this is common in children. It occurs due to a growth spurt of the heel bone in kids from ages 8, 9 to 14, or 15 years of age. This soreness flares up every time your son or daughter does any action on her / his feet. Your child’s heel pain hurts! This means that they feel the pain in their feet and heel and it is impacted every time they are actively walking, playing, and running, jumping, or even standing upright.

Pediatric Heel Pain Treatment

It is entirely possible that treatment for Sever’s disease may help heal the situation quite fast, but it may also reoccur over the long term. There are simply no measures to safeguard the child’s heels, especially in between the significant age range of eight to fifteen while they are growing. One thing to bear in mind about Sever’s disease is that it can usually be treated quickly, in as little as 14 days to two months. A podiatric physician/foot doctor might suggest one or all of the following treatments from bed rest and exercises for their feet, or perhaps an orthotic device to assist in reducing the pain sensation. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment for Sever’s disease here.
Severs disease diagram showing heel pain

The medical term (disease) sounds alarming but it usually does not lead to long-term complications if treated. Nevertheless, it is very important to address it immediately when your child tells you about the pain take it seriously and get medical treatment. The recovery time is quick. The moment the signs or symptoms and discomfort are eliminated, your child can go back to normal fun-based activities such as running, jumping, riding their bikes, dancing, and playing sports.

Dr. Mikkel Jarman located in Gilbert Arizona treats adult patients but also understands children, he has children of his own and specializes as a pediatric podiatrist in the Phoenix area. Call today 480 497-3946, or contact us to schedule an appointment if your child complains of foot or heel pain.

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