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Jocelyn, office manager, Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Jocelyn – Office Manager

My best childhood memories revolve around my younger brother Michael, he was my best friend. When we were little every Christmas Eve, we would be so excited for Santa to come. We would sleep in the same room and stay up all night. We could never sleep – we were too excited. We would tiptoe into my parents room all night long to see what time it was, the night seemed to go on forever. The next morning when we opened presents, he would always be so excited for everything and would jump up and down at every gift. I am so grateful to have had a childhood filled with a sibling like him.

Amber, front office, Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Amber – Front Office

One of my favorite childhood memories was playing dress up! I was the only girl with 3 brothers, so I was obsessed with always being the princess, and my brothers would always pretend to rescuing me. We would go on bike rides; and pretend to fight off all the “bad guys”. I always was in something Disney princess related- and I’m sure that is what sparked my current obsession with Disney! 

Dallin, medical scribe, Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Dallin – Medical Scribe

I have four brothers and two sisters so I spent a lot of time with my siblings growing up. My brothers and I were very involved in sports, mainly football, basketball, and baseball. Many hours were spent playing baseball and football in the backyard and basketball on our cement court. It seemed more often than not that one sibling would storm off in anger because someone else was “cheating”, but we were always quick to forgive and forget. One of my favorite memories was my first experience playing organized basketball. I was in second grade and I was so excited to be on the same team as two of my old brothers who were in fourth and sixth grade and to have my dad as our coach. Being so involved in sports as a kid has helped me stay physically active now that I’m older. 

Letty, medical assistant at Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Letty – Medical Assistant

Growing up in the Santa Barbara was so much fun because we could literally walk to the beach from my old house! Being a kid I’d have to say my favorite memory was stopping by the local juicery before we head over to spend all day at the beach.

Peg, Marketing/Community Liaison, Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Gilbert AZ

Peg – Marketing/Community Liaison

I grew up in a rural area back east and really just enjoyed spending time outdoors and with our many animals. We had tons of trees on the property and a huge walnut tree that my brother and I would climb. This same tree had a tire swing. Neighbor kids would come over and we would have double decker spinning contests on that tire swing. This walnut tree also provided a good snack. We would grab hammers from the garage, crack walnuts open and eat till we were full.