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Virtual Consultations for Toe Walking with Dr. Jarman

Toe walking is a common concern among parents of young children. It can be a sign of underlying conditions that require professional intervention. At Pediatric Foot & Ankle, Dr. Mikkel Jarman offers virtual consultations to assess and manage toe walking effectively. This convenient service allows families to receive expert care without leaving their homes.

Dr. Jarman in a virtual consultation with patient and child

Why Choose a Virtual Consultation for Toe Walking?

Virtual consultations are ideal for parents seeking an initial evaluation or follow-up care for their child’s toe walking. They provide several advantages, including:

  • Convenience: Consult with Dr. Jarman from the comfort of your home, saving time and reducing the need for travel.
  • Expertise: Access specialized care from Dr. Jarman, a board-certified pediatric podiatrist with over a decade of experience in treating toe walking.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Receive a thorough assessment of your child’s condition, including medical history, symptoms, and previous treatments.
Toe Walking Patient Before Treatment (on right)

The Virtual Consultation Process

  1. Scheduling the Appointment: Begin by scheduling a telehealth appointment through the Pediatric Foot & Ankle website. This step ensures your child’s specific needs are addressed promptly and efficiently.
  2. Initial Consultation: During the virtual consultation, Dr. Jarman will discuss your child’s medical history, current symptoms, and any previous treatments. He will provide a detailed evaluation and recommend the next steps, which may include conservative treatments or surgical intervention if necessary.
  3. Surgical Qualification: If surgery is deemed necessary, Dr. Jarman will explain the surgical procedure in detail. The office’s surgical scheduler will assist in planning the surgery date and provide all necessary information and support.
  4. Pre-Surgery Office Visit: An office visit is required the day before surgery to conduct a thorough workup and confirm your child’s candidacy for the procedure.
Dr. Jarman Beginning Surgery

The Surgical Process for Toe Walking

  1. Day of Surgery: On the day of the surgery, patients need to arrive at the surgical center an hour before the procedure. Most patients can leave the center an hour after the surgery is completed. A cast is applied to protect the surgical site.
  2. Follow-Up Care: A mandatory follow-up is scheduled two weeks post-surgery to remove the initial cast and apply a new one with a special modification for easy removal at home. At week four, the child transitions into a walking boot for two weeks.
  3. Post-Surgery Follow-Up: Around week seven, an office staff member will call to discuss proper expectations as your child transitions out of the walking boot into regular shoes. The second leg surgery, if needed, is typically scheduled 2.5 months after the initial surgery, following the same procedure and follow-up process.

Post-Operative Care and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is highly recommended starting approximately six weeks after surgery. A final telehealth follow-up is scheduled six months post-surgery to confirm your child’s progress and ensure they are on the right track to recovery.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Dr. Jarman’s clinic has numerous success stories from parents whose children have undergone treatment for toe walking. These testimonials highlight the positive outcomes and improvements seen in children treated by Dr. Jarman.

Click Image to Watch Indigo’s Toe Walking Surgery Success Story on YouTube

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Jarman Today

Virtual consultations with Dr. Jarman at Pediatric Foot & Ankle provide a convenient, efficient, and thorough approach to managing toe walking in children. Schedule your virtual consultation today for $160 and take the first step towards a healthier future for your child.

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