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Superfeet Vs Custom Made Orthotics

Superfeet vs. Custom-Made Orthotics for your child’s Sever’s Disease or Flat Feet

As a parent, it’s difficult to see your child struggle with foot pain issues like Sever’s disease or flat feet. You want to help them find relief so they can play and be active comfortably. While over-the-counter inserts like Superfeet seem appealing, custom molded orthotics provide more complete, lasting relief.

How Superfeet and Custom Orthotics Differ

Superfeet and other drugstore insoles provide general support by contouring to the foot. However, they are pre-shaped so they don’t address each child’s unique foot issues. Custom orthotics are molded specifically to match each child’s foot, realigning their feet into proper position. This targeted correction and support relieves more pain and symptoms.

Main differences:

  • Materials – Custom orthotics use firm yet flexible materials engineered for stability and durability. Superfeet use softer foam that compresses easily.
  • Fit – Custom orthotics fit the exact shape of your child’s foot for total contact and support. Superfeet only approximate the foot shape.
  • Correction – Custom orthotics realign the foot bones, tendons and ligaments into proper position, correcting biomechanical causes of pain. Superfeet lack this corrective capability.
  • Adjustments – Custom orthotics can be periodically adjusted for optimum comfort and correction. No adjustments are possible with Superfeet.

When to Choose Custom Orthotics

For children with conditions like Sever’s disease or flat feet, over-the-counter inserts simply cannot correct the underlying foot imbalances causing discomfort. Only custom orthotics properly realign the foot for lasting pain relief and healthy development.

Custom orthotics, when combined with a night brace, also treat associated muscle tightness through gentle overnight stretching of the calf and Achilles tendon. This comprehensive approach produces better, longer-lasting results compared to inserts like Superfeet.

While less costly upfront, Superfeet often fail to relieve children’s pain fully over time. Parents then need to invest in custom orthotics later anyway. Going directly to custom orthotics saves time, money and discomfort.

Benefits of Custom Molded Orthotics

Custom orthotics provide a tailor-made solution based on your child’s unique foot structure and needs. They hold the foot in an ideal functional position to stabilize joints and distribute pressure evenly.

Advantages of custom orthotics include:

  • Precise molding and measurements based on a cast or scan of your child’s foot shape
  • Can address specific foot alignment issues and deformities
  • Adapts to the shoe, not the other way around
  • Durable rigid shell maintains support for years
  • Spread pressure evenly across the foot
  • Relief for growth plate issues like Sever’s disease
  • Encourages normal muscle and bone development

In short, custom orthotics deliver personalized fit and function to treat both Sever’s symptoms AND underlying biomechanical causes. This complete approach means faster relief that lasts.

Talk to Your Pediatric Foot Specialist

Every child’s needs differ, so consult a pediatric podiatrist to determine if over-the-counter or custom molded orthotics are the best solution. They can evaluate your child’s symptoms, growth status, activities, and foot biomechanics to recommend the most effective orthotic treatment plan. Investing in the proper support now can pay dividends with better comfort, performance, and long-term foot health.

To learn more about custom orthotics for Sever’s Disease and Pediatric Flat Feet, visit PediatricOrthotic.com

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