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Fix Children’s Flat Feet Problem with Custom Orthotics

Watch this short video for more information about children with flat feet treatment options. Dr. Jarman’s method for treating kids with flat feet using (custom-made shoe inserts) custom orthotics as the first option. Trying this conservative treatment first, instead of surgery to fix your children’s flat feet problem. Make an appointment today with Dr. Mikkel Jarman, one of the best Pediatric Podiatrists in Phoenix area. Call 480 497-3946 for Pediatric Flat Foot Treatment options.


Custom Orthotics work for some Kids with Flat Feet


Pediatric Children’s Orthotics

If your child complains of foot pain don’t ignore it or think perhaps it is growing pains. Seek advice from Pediatric Foot and Ankle to find out whether orthotics (custom shoe inserts), a conservative non-surgical treatment, will help alleviate their pain. Children with fallen arches or flat foot may suffer extreme pain due to having flat feet.

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