HyProCure for Kids

To treat hyperpronation and foot pain in children, and correct bone alignment between the heel and ankle.

HyProCure stabilizes the foot and restores natural joint motion

What Is HyProCure?

HyProCure is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a small, titanium stent to help align the bones of the heel and ankle. Misalignment of these bones is what causes hyperpronation (flat feet) and gait abnormalities that lead to foot pain and fatigue.

hyprocure stent

Signs Your Child May Have a Foot issue

Children exhibit common symptoms when there is a misalignment between the heel and ankle bones. These include:

  • Having flat feet (after age 5)
  • Avoiding normal physical activities, like playing sports or running on the playground
  • Experiencing leg pain at night and/or bedtime
  • Running more slowly or seeming less coordinated than their peers
  • Shoelaces becoming untied frequently (occurs due to the inward rolling of the foot that happens with hyperpronation)
  • Wanting to be held or carried more often than normal, especially after physical activity

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, talk to your pediatric podiatrist.

The Benefits of HyProCure

By aligning the bones of the heel and ankle, the HyProCure procedure helps correct overpronation. This improves your child’s gait so that their feet propel naturally from heel to arch to toe. And when proper function is returned, it alleviates pain and other symptoms of flat feet.

While custom orthotics help alleviate symptoms, they cannot cure flat feet. Because HyProCure treats the underlying cause of hyperpronation, it offers a permanent solution to your child’s issue.

The procedure has proven amazingly effective since receiving FDA approval in 2004, with 94 percent of patients experiencing permanent correction. This includes children, who rarely need to have the stent replaced or removed in adulthood.

How Is the HyProCure Procedure Performed?

The entire HyProCure procedure typically takes less than half an hour to complete and can be done under local anesthesia (although intravenous sedation is available). Dr. Jarman begins by making a 1.5 cm to 2 cm incision at the ankle. Through this tiny opening, he is able to reposition the ankle bone to insert the medical grade titanium stent. This supports the ankle bone and stabilizes its position. The HyProCure surgery is minimal and the recovery time is quick.

HyProCure Recovery Time

Although it takes several months for the tissues throughout the foot and ankle to adapt to repositioning, most children are walking in their regular shoes within two weeks. Within six to eight weeks, your child should be back to normal activity levels.

You will speed up recovery time by following Dr. Jarman’s post-procedure instructions exactly.

Is HyProCure Right for Your Child?

Not everyone will benefit from this procedure. That’s why Dr. Jarman conducts a complete examination to determine whether HyProCure can help your child. To get started, schedule a consultation for your child today.

Your child’s feet are designed for life

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